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Innovate.Create. Share.

Quicksail provides open-source research for people, teams and organizations looking to accelerate the use of data, AI, and LLMs.

Open Source Ecosystem

Community Projects

Foundational Models

Accelerating Innovation.

Quicksail is an open-source research organization that specializes in applied uses of data, AI, and LLMs. Our aim is to raise awareness through open source initiatives, blogging, networking within the community, and educating professionals via open and innovative solutions to complex business problems.



Trailblazers. Never Gatekeepers.

We believe that openness, collaboration, and shared knowledge form the cornerstone of innovation. With a keen focus on open source developer tools, community projects, and foundational models, we're constantly evolving alongside the pulse of the open source community.

Open Source Developer Tools

We work with open source developer tools to create innovative solutions for our clients.

Community Projects

We are active contributors to open source community projects.

LLMs and Foundational Models

We use LLMs and foundational models to build powerful solutions that help enterprise organizations achieve their goals.

Smart Automation Tools

Our smart automation tools help enterprise organizations streamline their processes and save time and money.

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